The spring in the squeeze switch works fine, but it no longer seems to move the black plastic long rod (running from the squeeze switch to the area on the bottom of the tank) enough to cause the white plunger to move up to ease clean solution out of the tank. The black rod does not any longer seem firmly connected to the squeeze switch, so it appears that the squeeze switch partially “misses” the rod when squeezed rather than moving it adequately. I think this is the problem, although I’m not sure.

If this might require spare parts, where can these be obtained? Is there a repair diagram online? I’d rather try to fix this myself rather than a repair facility. Thanks.

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Craft Ideas

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Craft making as one of the best ways of giving gifts while being intimate and personal in all special occasions.

There are many ways your family can have quality time with each other. One of the great ways is craft making. It may be simple or may involve delicate, specific and articulate designs but all the members of the family may be involved in all the exciting steps of craft making starting from planning to designing. This is a sure way of having fun while doing something for special occasions or just for quiet times with your loved ones.

Every special occasion means giving something, which will symbolize your love and appreciation to someone. Craft making involves personal touch and ideas thus, it will be more intimate and sensitive because it is made specifically for that special person. The relationship you have with each other may reflect with what you have done. Craft making can eat an hour, your whole day, weeks or even months depending on your plan and how you would like it to be made. This will also depend in the personality, age, and the willingness of how much time and effort the person doing craft will put into.

Magazines and websites will be of great help in choosing what you would like to make and finding the right supplies. You can either ask your friends of what is the best design to make or you may also buy things from the store and then put designs with your personal touch. You may also buy craft supplies you need for craft making and find outside assistance with certain steps.

Now that Mother’s Day is fast approaching, what will be the best thing to give the woman who we owe our lives to? You can buy expensive or cheap stuff in stores or personally make that special gift for your mom. We should be reminded that the day is not only for the mothers but also for the children. From the traditional cards saying love and poems, we can choose from other ideas and designs made into lovely gifts which require a little time and effort. For younger kids who really want to give something special for their mommies, they would need assistance and might end-up being a helper to the older ones.

You can choose from customized pillowcases, personalized clock or other ideas. In doing customized pillow cases, these crafts can be made easily with a simple stitching pattern guide. If you want you can put heart warming messages or designs such as hearts and flowers of your choice in embroidering them. In doing personalized clock, buy a simple analog clock. You may pop the cover off the front and remove the hands. Place a special photograph of your mom or other art design on the front, gluing it into place. Replace the hands and front cover, and its ready! Always remember to remove the battery of the clock before removing the hands; but before removing the hands, it is a good idea to synchronize them to a single position first. This is to make sure that the clock is still working after being reassembled.

Another great idea is to have a picture of you and your mom put it in frame decorate with artwork, seashells, shiny stones, ribbon, or other tidbits and it’s all set.

We should remember that it is not how expensive or beautiful gifts are, or how much we liked them or will be in used, the thing is that we know how to be grateful for what is given to us if it is made with love and wrapped with so much appreciation.

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Does anyone have any ideas on how to reuse old wraps and bandages once they are no longer fit to put on a horse? I’ve been doing some spring cleaning and come across a few with rips and holes- won’t use them on a horse because of pressure points- but I don’t want to just throw them away, there’s enough of them to maybe make something out of or find a new use for. Earth day just passed and I want to reuse and recycle what I can.
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I want to make sure I get my girls something they can wear again. I know I would be able to wear these again, and think the majority of my girls would, but what do you think?
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please mention some (I know of sites you have sold on and how listing prices compare and if a lot of people look there, THANKS!
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Keepsake Christmas Album

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Do you **** throwing your Christmas cards away every year as much as I do? This year I decided to try to come up with some way to preserve our Christmas cards, as well as find a way to organize all the Christmas letters I’ve been faithfully filing away for the past six years. I decided to make an album for our Christmas letters using decoupage to decorate the covers with this year’s Christmas cards.

I love decoupage. It’s so easy to do and so versatile. It’s really hard to get it wrong. I started by finding something to paste the Christmas cards on. I had some dark red card stock (next to the paper at the office supply store) that seemed heavy enough to withstand all the gluing. Next I cut our Christmas cards into all different shapes and sizes. I cut out little characters, scenes, greetings, and even signatures of loved ones who had sent the cards. I next arranged the cutouts, overlapping one another, on the card stock, and started applying them one by one with the decoupage finish.

There are several kinds of decoupage finish available. You can find a variety at your local craft store. I have two different kinds: Plaid Royal Coat Antique Decoupage Finish, and Mod Podge Gloss-Lustre. The first one gives an antique-like appearance. The paste yellows when it dries, making your collage look aged. The more you apply, the yellower it gets. The Mod Podge dries clear. I used the antique finish and was quite happy with the result. You use the finish to actually glue the individual pieces on with a paintbrush, and then when you’re finished (adding scraps here and there to fill in the blank spots), you brush a coat over the entire page. After it dries for about 10 minutes, you can apply another coat. I found that adding several coats made the pages sturdier–more like a album cover, like I wanted. I had just enough Christmas card cutouts to cover two pages, one for the front cover, and one for the back cover.

After the pages were dry, I used a three punch to punch holes in the covers. I decided I would use wide fabric holiday ribbon to tie the covers together. That way every year I could untie the bows and add new letters to my album. I used 2 1/2 -inch-wide wire satin ribbon (dark red). I liked the wire ribbon. It was easier to adjust the bows and looked really nice. It was also leftover from my holiday gift making this year, so I didn’t have to buy any extra.

When the covers were ready, I arranged our Christmas letters from oldest to most recent, and punched holes in all of them. I then placed them between the covers and inserted the ribbon through the holes and tied big red bows to hold them together. I chose not to string ribbon through all three holes–just the top and the bottom.

I was really happy with how my keepsake Christmas album turned out. It was easy, took only about two hours to make, and I didn’t have to buy anything extra to make it. After you buy the decoupage finish (about $5 a bottle), the uses for it are almost limitless. You can apply it to almost any surface, giving you the opportunity to create timeless keepsakes in a variety of ways.

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You should never hire someone to write the complete business plan for you. You need to be involved 100% in the plan. After all, its your business and your the one who needs to be passionate about it.

There are dozens of free templates and information you could find online and in books. Use a template and write it out yourself. If you need help writing it, hire a consultant or find someone with experience to help you. You could go to Score for free to get help or pay a consultant who will be able to help you out specifically a lot more.

If you are looking to raise capital for your business and you have never written a business plan before, definately seek outside help from a professional. A consultant will know exactly what investors are looking for in a plan and can help you shape the plan according to who you are approaching. In addition, a consultant will be able to teach you all about the process of acquiring funding and could assist with the plan/pitch phase. Not to mention they could make good recommendations for advisory board members, attorneys, and possibly utilize their connections with investors.

I recently saw advice from two people online advising people to write the executive summary first.

Any respectable professional who helps entrepreneurs with business plans will always tell you to do the executive summary last, and that’s the way it should be. It is exactly that, a summary. How could you summarize what you don’t know yet? How can you write how much money you need to raise if you haven’t done 3 or 5 year cashflow statements? How can you sell your competitive advantages if you haven’t yet done comprehensive market research? The Executive Summary ALWAYS should be done last.

So goog luck on your business plan. And remember: it’s your dream, its your passion, it’s your ambition, it’s your busines… write the plan yourself!

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I was recently speaking with a client who is immensely creative – always coming up with new ideas for her business and at the same time, falling in love with each new idea. You may wonder what issue exists with this seemingly fortuitous gift. My client’s problem is that she has too many ideas and is constantly feeling scattered and overwhelmed by them.

We were able to work through her overwhelm and help her clarify her most pressing goals, putting everything else on the back burner until those goals were met. In doing so, I recognized the following tactics for combating overwhelm:
Ask yourself what it is that is most important to you right now. What do you most want? Set aside chunks of time to dedicate to that one particular pursuit. If you have trouble staying focused on just that one task, set a timer for 45 minutes or an hour and until you hear it chime do not allow yourself to stray from your task. If your primary objective is one that may take more than one sitting, be sure that you do not begin another undertaking until you have seen the first to completion. Fight the belief that you have to take an entire project on at once. This will produce instant feelings of overwhelm and can prove to be very discouraging. Break the project down into small incremental steps that will take you from where you are today to seeing your project through to fruition. If you feel that you have gotten in over your head, seek out the assistance of a mentor or coach. There are a number of free mentoring resources online. One such source is SCORE.Challenge your expectations in the given situation. Perhaps the way you choose to look at the situation is contributing to the feelings of overwhelm that you are experiencing. We are given the opportunity to choose how we look at life. Being at choice is empowering. Choose to try on different perspectives. Choose to take different approaches to your tasks
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