5 Free Home Business Ideas To Choose From

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Free home business ideas and plans are excellent for one main reason – because 91% of all start-ups go bust. Sorry, but it’s the truth. Thus nothing ventured – nothing lost.

Free also means everyone can have a go, and have hope. In my opinion this is one of the best selling points of this industry. Yes there are scams, get rich quick ideas and a host of people trying to rip you off. But there are still plenty of real opportunities out there which can be started for free or for peanuts. And that for many is a light to hold on to in an otherwise gloomy world.

However –

The double edged sword is that anyone can start. Not that this is bad in principle, but it does have some negative effects. Free ideas and opportunities ALWAYS need extra special effort, and/or talent, or require more time.

Also, as it is free, some people will not really take their business seriously. Would they put the same effort in and stay the course as they would if they had invested $100,000?

Free Home Business Ideas To Consider

Thinking laterally the easiest way to start a home business for free is to get someone else to fund it for you. Free for you, but not necessarily free to start.

Writing obviously costs nothing. You can monetise this skill, which we all possess, in a variety of ways. This is most commonly used in internet marketing – targeted web traffic is attracted by writing in various formats and places. Prospects then have the option to visit your platform where more information is shared.

This secondary information includes some monetisation elements such as affiliate links to relevant services or products. Most affiliate programs are free to join and most places were you post your writing are free to sign up for. Adverts by a third party such as banners or adsense are also free income-generating models.

Writing-Orientated Examples Include:

* Articles to a web landing page – as outlined above

* Blogs – directed to a landing page or containing direct links

* Social networking sites – directed to a landing page

Is Anything Really Free?

On and offline there are plenty of adverts offering free home business ideas, aids or eBooks. These are all – without exception – the mouth of the marketing funnel. Thus even if you were to buy or download some free home business or material, you will very quickly find that in order for the ‘formula’ to work there are – surprise, surprise – back end products that HAVE to be bought to make the ‘free’ system work.

Cheap and nasty – How many freebies have you ever received where you thought ‘wow that was value for money!’, we all know the expression – you get what you pay for. In some respects this applies to anything advertised as free. Conversely it does not always mean that a higher cost will get you higher value or more importantly bring you higher profits.

Unexpected Expenses

Even if you find free home business ideas that appeal to you and are indeed actually free to start, they still may well require an injection of money at a later point or you may be tempted to upgrade to hurry along. All of these require cash to leap from your wallet.

The Water Trough

The majority of people are trying home businesses due to pressure, usually financial. Thus they tend to choose the free or cheap options. As a result the competition is huge. Too many horse at the trough – not all are going to get a drink. Prospects or potential customers are also more weary or sceptical after being targeted continuously.

Starting for free is a great, safe concept – and can be done. However it will work for some entrepreneurs a lot more easily than others.

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