As a mom your priority is no longer yourself but that of your kids.

Coping with both kids and business is never easy. Time that you have set aside for both your kids and business may overlap into each other and make it difficult for you to decide which issue is of more important to you at that particular moment in time.

Child or client? Client or Child? Which one should come first? It would definitely leave me in a dilemma and it may make me regretting my selection if the result afterward is less then ideal.

Here are some business ideas which are mom friendly.

Setting up a Online Store – There are many different products which you can sell online.You can set up a online shop to showcase your handmade items like ring pillows and graphic designs. Many moms are passionate in handicraft and by displaying and selling their unique wares it is a good way of them to earn some income. If handicraft is not your cup of tea you could always sell items through drop shipping kids apparel or related items. Setting up a promotion blog – Blogs are set up for many different purposes nowadays. One common reason is to gain exposure and build up awareness of oneself in the blogsphere. There are many different platforms which you can build your blog from. These range from free to paid versions depending on what basic/advance features you require. Taking part in surveys & online promotions. – Certain survey sites pay you for taking part in their promotions online. It is really useful and I personally know people who have earned thousands of dollars from doing such trading with working only a few hours each day. Providing Home Based Services – If you have young kids it can be quite difficult to find babysitters or nannies as they are quite costly. Providing services from home like starting a playgroup or nanny service would mean that you could look after your children while at the same time earn and income.Other kinds of Services would include offering freelance services. Setting up a Coaching Site – Being a teacher by profession this came about quite naturally for me. Having a coaching site I am able to offer to my clients a learning package on a chosen topic which includes tutorials, videos, audios and even e-books. Clients pay for the exclusive information which I have to offer and the opportunity to interact one to one with me and with other members of the selected community.

After going through this list I hope that you have a better understanding of which type of business is more suitable for you and your family.
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