Free Christmas Scrapbook Checklist

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So here is a FREE checklist to help you gather memories for your Christmas 2007 scrapbook. Free download attachment.

Print the page one each side, front and back so the one sheet can be tacked to the refrigerator or another convenient place. Here are some tips to keep in mind for your checklist that you can use for your scrapbook.

CUT/PURCHASE TREE: Take pictures and make notes of where, when, how and what kind of tree was used for Christmas. Was the tree bought or was it cut down? Did the kids pick out the tree? What was the date and weather conditions that day? How was the tree transported home? Take pictures of all these steps.

DECORATE TREE: Take pictures as the tree is getting set up, who was there and who all helped in the decorating and trimming. Take pictures of the tree top ornament and who is hanging it. Decorating the tree is a special event for all especially when it is completed and the lights go on for the first time.

INSIDE/OUTSIDE DECORATING: Don’t forget to get pictures of your outside light displays and any inside areas that have been decorated. When the family goes for the annual Christmas Eve drive to view the Christmas lights displays around town, take the camera for more pictures and journal the event as to all who went for the ride.

SANTA CLAUS PARADE: Journal and take pictures of the children at this event. The pictures of the floats etc and the crowds make great colourful memories.

FAMILY TRADITIONS: Journal and take pictures of all the family traditions. For example, the Christmas Eve storybook that is read to the children every Christmas Eve. The family movie that is watched together on the evening of Christmas day. The annual Christmas baking and menu preparations. Journal the trip up and down the streets singing Christmas Carols, which songs were sung and who all was singing.

LETTERS/NOTES/LISTS TO SANTA: Keep copies of letters to Santa and or any notes or Christmas wish lists as memorabilia for the scrapbook. Children love to write to Santa.

CHRISTMAS EVE: Take pictures of family gatherings, the tree and stocking, the milk and cookies left for Santa and one last picture at the end of the night with just the glow of the Christmas tree lights. Sneak a picture of the children sleeping in their beds. Have the camera ready for Christmas morning.

CHRISTMAS MORNING: Grab as many pictures as possible before the paper flies and then take individual pictures with favorite gifts. Take a picture of the ‘before’ and ‘after’ cleanup. Take a picture of the family breakfast.

CHRISTMAS VISITING/VISTORS: Take notes and pictures of all visitors to your home and all family and friends that were visited. Try to include all names and for family or relatives, create names on a ‘family tree’ type scrapbook page.

CHRISTMAS CARDS/NEWSLETTER: Include in the scrapbook all Christmas cards and all Christmas newsletters. Family pictures in Christmas cards are great for this section.

CHRISTMAS PICTURES/PORTRAITS: Take pictures of children sitting on Santa’s lap. Include here formal and professional family portraits and don’t forget the pets.

Use the CHRISTMAS PLANNER as well to help you record and journal more information for your scrapbooking pleasures as it carries even more details along with the ones above.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!!!!!

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