How To Start A Home Scrapbook Business

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If you love scrapbooking, you’ve probably thought about staring a home scrapbook business. Are you the kind of person that finds just the right colors, papers and accessories to make memories last, and do you love to share with others? Are you passionate about scrapbooking, and want to see if you can make income from something you love?

The power of the internet can make your dream come true. You can start an online home based scrapbook business by providing a number of goods or services online. To make money with a home based scrapbook business, you can offer services, such as advisory services, idea newsletters, sale alerts and send these out periodically to your subscribers. Include tips and tricks, offer free how-to publications on scrapbooking, or critique and advice columns. You can even set up your mailings as part of a paid-membership site. If you’re creative and can show others how to do what you do, there is no limit to what you can offer your readers and subscribers. You could also offer to make scrapbooks for others, or help other scrapbook hobbyists enhance their memory books. Display samples of your work online to show your style and product.

If you want to sell scrapbook products, you can either locate a distributor to sell the to you directly, or you can go the easy route and set up an affiliate account to allow you to sell scrapbook products provided by another merchant. For example, you can join an affiliate program for a variety of craft stores carrying scrapbook products. Using their affiliate tools, you can list scrapbook products for sale on your website or in your emails and newsletters. When one of your visitors or members purchase from your craft store merchant, you get a percentage of the sale for he referral. No need for inventory, a storefront or the costs of opening a store – and your market can be world wide!

If you build up to a full website, you might consider offering your own hard goods sold direct, as you find wonderful items to bring to your site visitors. With a website, you can even add demonstration video, audio files such as interviews, discussion groups your members can join and much more. Making a site valuable and content-rich means you’ll build a large and loyal following of people who share your love of scrapbooking.

The best part is that you can start for little or no money. You can join affiliate programs with just an email address, and build a website later when it becomes useful. By posting in scrapbook forums and including a good signature file on your emails, people come to know and visit your site, and buy from you. From there, you can build a mailing list that becomes more valuable as your members grow and know and trust your advice and ideas.

One of the best ways to make cash with a home scrapbooking business is to write an eBook with ideas and how-to tips for readers to purchase from you. Information is a big seller on the Web, and by writing your own eBook, you can sell it from your own website or newsletter, as well as offer it to other internet marketers looking for eBooks to promote. For example, a site such as ClickBank offers a variety of eBooks and other digital information that resellers can promote. You pay them a percentage of the sale and they do all the marketing. It’s perfect for craft business owners who are seeking ways to extend their income while doing something they love.

Today even video and audio files can sell – how-to videos both sold online or in DVD form are big sellers across the Web. As a scrapbook enthusiast, you can sell patterns and other information online too. Is there information you can deliver to others that would make their scrapbook experience better or more fun? Why not publish your own information.

Today there are plenty of Internet based tools to help you put your information, newsletter or even website up online in short order. Building a home based scrapbook business is a perfect topic for a profitable website.

When you build a website based on something you love, it shows. Combining enthusiasm for your work- your passion about it – and offering great ideas and good products to visitors who share your passion and interest can be a lucrative combination that can help you make a home scrapbook business profitable and fun.

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