Remember what your mom told you about video games? If she told you that you will not be able to find a good future from such pastime, she might just be wrong. There are actually thousands of people who are getting paid for doing beta game testing jobs. These individuals get to play the latest and coolest games and at the same time, get paid for doing so. You might be thinking that this is too good to be true but more and more video game companies are accepting beta testers everyday.

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The very reason why video game testing jobs are becoming popular is because game companies do not like the idea of losing money. They need beta testers so they can check for bugs and glitches that regular programmers miss to catch. This allows them to do the necessary bug fixes before they fully launch their newest games to the consumer market.

Beta game testers are those people who play games that are about to be released and determine the strengths of the game, its weaknesses, what makes it playable, and what makes it not playable. These game testers need to be patient enough to spend hours and hours on playing a certain game until all the bugs are located. This sounds easy but it is no fun to spend hours and days on just a single game. Then again, this kind of job can sure be worthwhile.

Being a professional beta game tester requires you to have a keen eye for detail. You must be able to spot strange occurrences and abnormalities, as well as random glitches. Simply put, you must have above average awareness level.

As a paid beta tester, you must be focused on what you do. Beta game testing jobs require a great deal of concentration. If you easily get distracted, you will not be able to do your job effectively and efficiently.

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