I was recently speaking with a client who is immensely creative – always coming up with new ideas for her business and at the same time, falling in love with each new idea. You may wonder what issue exists with this seemingly fortuitous gift. My client’s problem is that she has too many ideas and is constantly feeling scattered and overwhelmed by them.

We were able to work through her overwhelm and help her clarify her most pressing goals, putting everything else on the back burner until those goals were met. In doing so, I recognized the following tactics for combating overwhelm:
Ask yourself what it is that is most important to you right now. What do you most want? Set aside chunks of time to dedicate to that one particular pursuit. If you have trouble staying focused on just that one task, set a timer for 45 minutes or an hour and until you hear it chime do not allow yourself to stray from your task. If your primary objective is one that may take more than one sitting, be sure that you do not begin another undertaking until you have seen the first to completion. Fight the belief that you have to take an entire project on at once. This will produce instant feelings of overwhelm and can prove to be very discouraging. Break the project down into small incremental steps that will take you from where you are today to seeing your project through to fruition. If you feel that you have gotten in over your head, seek out the assistance of a mentor or coach. There are a number of free mentoring resources online. One such source is SCORE.Challenge your expectations in the given situation. Perhaps the way you choose to look at the situation is contributing to the feelings of overwhelm that you are experiencing. We are given the opportunity to choose how we look at life. Being at choice is empowering. Choose to try on different perspectives. Choose to take different approaches to your tasks
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