You should never hire someone to write the complete business plan for you. You need to be involved 100% in the plan. After all, its your business and your the one who needs to be passionate about it.

There are dozens of free templates and information you could find online and in books. Use a template and write it out yourself. If you need help writing it, hire a consultant or find someone with experience to help you. You could go to Score for free to get help or pay a consultant who will be able to help you out specifically a lot more.

If you are looking to raise capital for your business and you have never written a business plan before, definately seek outside help from a professional. A consultant will know exactly what investors are looking for in a plan and can help you shape the plan according to who you are approaching. In addition, a consultant will be able to teach you all about the process of acquiring funding and could assist with the plan/pitch phase. Not to mention they could make good recommendations for advisory board members, attorneys, and possibly utilize their connections with investors.

I recently saw advice from two people online advising people to write the executive summary first.

Any respectable professional who helps entrepreneurs with business plans will always tell you to do the executive summary last, and that’s the way it should be. It is exactly that, a summary. How could you summarize what you don’t know yet? How can you write how much money you need to raise if you haven’t done 3 or 5 year cashflow statements? How can you sell your competitive advantages if you haven’t yet done comprehensive market research? The Executive Summary ALWAYS should be done last.

So goog luck on your business plan. And remember: it’s your dream, its your passion, it’s your ambition, it’s your busines… write the plan yourself!

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