Some people seem to have the special gift of gift-giving. No matter what the occasion or person, this person always gives the most thoughtful, most suitable gift. Friends and family always compliment the gift and the gift-giver. Meanwhile your gift sits, ignored and unappreciated. Although most you and the celebrated gift giver both meant well, only his gift is being praised. How can you make sure that next time you give the perfect gift? Nothing could be easier. Just give the gift that everyone wants, a football shirt. What makes the football jersey the perfect gift? Well, here are a few reasons for you to pick up this sports garment the next time while you are shopping for that special something for that perfect someone in your life.

Everybody loves a football sports top! No matter what your background or age, there is a sports shirt you will appreciate. That is one reason that a football shirt makes a great present. Everybody has a home state or a college team that they root for. And it is such a simple matter to figure out what team is your friend’s Alma matter. Just check their facebook or myspace page, or ask a mutual friend. Giving a football shirt for a beloved team is not a generic gift! Your presents will no longer look like the bland well-intentioned gift of a coworker. You will give a gift that is personal and enjoyed. A football jersey will not only be greeted as an enjoyed present, but will evoke memories of the cherished past. You give a football shirt as a gift and soon the entire gathering is discussing a particularly enjoyable game or a memorable play. A football sport top is not only a great gift, it is a really great ice breaker as well.

Within just moments of giving your friend, family member, or coworker a football shirt, you will know more about the gift recipient and the other party-goers than you ever have before. You will learn the details of rivals, hear the jeer of competitors, and the support of allies. Football shirts bring out the sports fan in everyone not just the gift recipient. A football jersey is like a gift to the entire group attending the party because it gives them all a chance to discuss their favorite teams. Giving a football jersey can really bring everyone out of their shell and it does even require any awkward icebreakers!

Have you ever been forced to throw a party for someone you didn’t know very well? Perhaps, a coworker or a family friend. Or perhaps you know the friend fairly well but do not know any of his or her friends. Trying to pick a theme when you do not know many of the guests can be extremely difficult. It can be even more difficult when you do not really know the guest of honor! What if everybody in the party wore a football top? With limited decorations, you could have lively football themed party. Even if your coworker or friend is not the biggest sports fan in the world, he or she will still have a home team to support. And besides, the party theme will perfectly match the perfect present!

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As stated in the previous article, it is important when selling at the farmers’ market to have a product that will sell.  While this may seem obvious, oftentimes people go to a lot of effort to produce something that really is not needed.  Intentions are good, but timing may be off.  For example, the first bloom of spring may bring out a slew of strawberry and rhubarb sellers.  Fresh strawberries are so plentiful at the market that the sellers find themselves bringing quarts of them home.  Is this a problem?  Well, it could be, or it might be an opportunity.  Those strawberries will be a welcome addition later in the year in the form of strawberry jam.  Add some of that rhubarb and you have two different jams for sale.  Add a line of low sugar jams for diabetic tastes and you have a small business in the making. 

This is one example of value-added products.  Another way of looking at these is to think of them as work-added products.  It certainly does take more effort to produce a jar of jam as opposed to a quart of strawberries.  It also takes some time and skill.  If you have both on hand, you will be rewarded with a higher price for your jam than the original berries.  In additon, your time and effort also provide you with jam that can be sold throughout the farmers’ market season since it  keeps better than a quart of fresh strawberries.  Once your jam and jelly skills are realized, the sky is the limit for stable products, from sweet jams to savory and even hot jellies.  One we recently made and enjoyed was jalapeno jam — tasty and addicting on crackers with or without cream cheese! 

When looking into home canning an excellent and inexpensive starting point is the Ball brand Home Canning Guide or Blue Book.  This is a thin paperback book sold in most stores that carry canning supplies.  It is full of up to date information on preserving all kinds of produce.  Please be aware that when producing value-added products at home there may be some guidelines from the local health department.  Some products cannot be sold unless bottled in a commercial kitchen environment.  It is best to check with your health or agriculture department.  A good source of information can be your county ag extension office.

Other value-added products do not require any kind of kitchen inspection or license.  For example, if you have fiber producing animals the obvious sale item is their fiber.  In the raw state sheeps wool sells for less than $ 5.00 per pound and requires quite a bit of work to become a warm wool hat.  Few farmers’ market buyers have the time, let alone the inclination to buy a pound of sheeps wool. 

So the shepherd needs to add some time and work to his product.  Cleaning and spinning the wool into yarn is the first step.  This can be an enjoyable, but time consuming process.  Perhaps at the right market handspun wool will appeal to potential buyers.  I have found, however, that no matter how much wool you spin, there comes a time when the knitter will need more than you have.  More than likely it is the wool that you have no more of as the sheep died unexpectedly, was sold, turned grey in her old age, etc.  Here’s where even more time and effort are needed to, hopefully, turn a dollar on that wool in the end. 

Knitting up a hat from your homespun yarn can be a nice way to spend a few evenings’ time.  That is if you are not spending your time on the computer occupying your hands with typing!  There are some nice knitting books out there, one that comes to mind is “Homespun, Handknit”, which gives easy to complex patterns for hats, mittens, gloves and even Christmas stockings and slippers.  I tend to specialize in hats because they do not require a matched mate.  Here again, the lack of that last little bit of yarn is less of a problem in a hat, just add a contrasting stripe or something.  You don’t need a whole extra half of a mitten in exactly the same color and size.  Elizabeth Zimmerman’s books are entertaining as well as educational on the subject of knitting.  “Knitting without Tears” is very helpful.

Now you are prepared with your value-added wool products to take to the farmers’ market.  (Watch out, some places want only edible items, not crafty stuff!)  Arm yourself with a hand mirror of some kind and be prepared to allow folks to try on the hats and feel the mittens.  I know someone who knits beautiful slippers and then felts them for cozy warm feet.  Even just half a dozen childrens hats displayed well can help pay for the gas to the market.  They certainly don’t take up much room or deteriorate over time.

Beware, knitting is another one of those time consuming, but addicting activities.  In fact, there may even be a spinning or knitting guild near you.  Break the news to your husband gently that this has grown into a social time for you.

You may find that you will need all different sizes and colors to fill your wool booth.  You may need to take orders.  Knitting may be your sideline on long car trips and during tv watching time.  Perhaps instead of just one day at farmers’ market selling tomatoes and cukes you now go to craft shows with your handspun, handknit products.  You may have just started a small business and since you are in charge, let it grow at whatever rate is comfortable for you and that the market will bear!  Good luck with your enterprise.

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Have degree in recreation adm. Searching for job in events planning, activity director, clerical or teaching. Want to come back home – daughter wants to attend college where she was born & grew up. Please HELP! THANKS!

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Remember what your mom told you about video games? If she told you that you will not be able to find a good future from such pastime, she might just be wrong. There are actually thousands of people who are getting paid for doing beta game testing jobs. These individuals get to play the latest and coolest games and at the same time, get paid for doing so. You might be thinking that this is too good to be true but more and more video game companies are accepting beta testers everyday.

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The very reason why video game testing jobs are becoming popular is because game companies do not like the idea of losing money. They need beta testers so they can check for bugs and glitches that regular programmers miss to catch. This allows them to do the necessary bug fixes before they fully launch their newest games to the consumer market.

Beta game testers are those people who play games that are about to be released and determine the strengths of the game, its weaknesses, what makes it playable, and what makes it not playable. These game testers need to be patient enough to spend hours and hours on playing a certain game until all the bugs are located. This sounds easy but it is no fun to spend hours and days on just a single game. Then again, this kind of job can sure be worthwhile.

Being a professional beta game tester requires you to have a keen eye for detail. You must be able to spot strange occurrences and abnormalities, as well as random glitches. Simply put, you must have above average awareness level.

As a paid beta tester, you must be focused on what you do. Beta game testing jobs require a great deal of concentration. If you easily get distracted, you will not be able to do your job effectively and efficiently.

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So here is a FREE checklist to help you gather memories for your Christmas 2007 scrapbook. Free download attachment.

Print the page one each side, front and back so the one sheet can be tacked to the refrigerator or another convenient place. Here are some tips to keep in mind for your checklist that you can use for your scrapbook.

CUT/PURCHASE TREE: Take pictures and make notes of where, when, how and what kind of tree was used for Christmas. Was the tree bought or was it cut down? Did the kids pick out the tree? What was the date and weather conditions that day? How was the tree transported home? Take pictures of all these steps.

DECORATE TREE: Take pictures as the tree is getting set up, who was there and who all helped in the decorating and trimming. Take pictures of the tree top ornament and who is hanging it. Decorating the tree is a special event for all especially when it is completed and the lights go on for the first time.

INSIDE/OUTSIDE DECORATING: Don’t forget to get pictures of your outside light displays and any inside areas that have been decorated. When the family goes for the annual Christmas Eve drive to view the Christmas lights displays around town, take the camera for more pictures and journal the event as to all who went for the ride.

SANTA CLAUS PARADE: Journal and take pictures of the children at this event. The pictures of the floats etc and the crowds make great colourful memories.

FAMILY TRADITIONS: Journal and take pictures of all the family traditions. For example, the Christmas Eve storybook that is read to the children every Christmas Eve. The family movie that is watched together on the evening of Christmas day. The annual Christmas baking and menu preparations. Journal the trip up and down the streets singing Christmas Carols, which songs were sung and who all was singing.

LETTERS/NOTES/LISTS TO SANTA: Keep copies of letters to Santa and or any notes or Christmas wish lists as memorabilia for the scrapbook. Children love to write to Santa.

CHRISTMAS EVE: Take pictures of family gatherings, the tree and stocking, the milk and cookies left for Santa and one last picture at the end of the night with just the glow of the Christmas tree lights. Sneak a picture of the children sleeping in their beds. Have the camera ready for Christmas morning.

CHRISTMAS MORNING: Grab as many pictures as possible before the paper flies and then take individual pictures with favorite gifts. Take a picture of the ‘before’ and ‘after’ cleanup. Take a picture of the family breakfast.

CHRISTMAS VISITING/VISTORS: Take notes and pictures of all visitors to your home and all family and friends that were visited. Try to include all names and for family or relatives, create names on a ‘family tree’ type scrapbook page.

CHRISTMAS CARDS/NEWSLETTER: Include in the scrapbook all Christmas cards and all Christmas newsletters. Family pictures in Christmas cards are great for this section.

CHRISTMAS PICTURES/PORTRAITS: Take pictures of children sitting on Santa’s lap. Include here formal and professional family portraits and don’t forget the pets.

Use the CHRISTMAS PLANNER as well to help you record and journal more information for your scrapbooking pleasures as it carries even more details along with the ones above.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!!!!!

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As a mom your priority is no longer yourself but that of your kids.

Coping with both kids and business is never easy. Time that you have set aside for both your kids and business may overlap into each other and make it difficult for you to decide which issue is of more important to you at that particular moment in time.

Child or client? Client or Child? Which one should come first? It would definitely leave me in a dilemma and it may make me regretting my selection if the result afterward is less then ideal.

Here are some business ideas which are mom friendly.

Setting up a Online Store – There are many different products which you can sell online.You can set up a online shop to showcase your handmade items like ring pillows and graphic designs. Many moms are passionate in handicraft and by displaying and selling their unique wares it is a good way of them to earn some income. If handicraft is not your cup of tea you could always sell items through drop shipping kids apparel or related items. Setting up a promotion blog – Blogs are set up for many different purposes nowadays. One common reason is to gain exposure and build up awareness of oneself in the blogsphere. There are many different platforms which you can build your blog from. These range from free to paid versions depending on what basic/advance features you require. Taking part in surveys & online promotions. – Certain survey sites pay you for taking part in their promotions online. It is really useful and I personally know people who have earned thousands of dollars from doing such trading with working only a few hours each day. Providing Home Based Services – If you have young kids it can be quite difficult to find babysitters or nannies as they are quite costly. Providing services from home like starting a playgroup or nanny service would mean that you could look after your children while at the same time earn and income.Other kinds of Services would include offering freelance services. Setting up a Coaching Site – Being a teacher by profession this came about quite naturally for me. Having a coaching site I am able to offer to my clients a learning package on a chosen topic which includes tutorials, videos, audios and even e-books. Clients pay for the exclusive information which I have to offer and the opportunity to interact one to one with me and with other members of the selected community.

After going through this list I hope that you have a better understanding of which type of business is more suitable for you and your family.
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The standard dollhouse consists of bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom, and usually an attic. These dollhouses often include the standard family with mom, dad, children, and even a dog. Most often, these homes are quite traditional Victorian homes, country cottages, or colonials. However, it’s interesting to know that there are some fun and different alternatives to the standard dollhouse.

There are many different types of miniature buildings that go beyond the standard house. A few examples of these are a barn, New England lighthouse, fire station, church, and country store. Each of these unique dollhouses opens up a lot of possibilities. Children have the ability to use their imagination in all different settings. Children and adults alike have the ability to grow their miniature collection with exciting and unusual structures.

The country store is a small dollhouse that can be used well as a display piece. It has true potential if decorated with care. The fire station is true to life and even includes the firemen’s pole. There is room for fire trucks as well as a bunk area for the firemen. The church has stained glass windows as well as an altar and pews. The barn includes areas for the animals as well as an amazing loft.

Each of these unique dollhouses, as well as traditional dollhouses is available as wood kits from Real Good Toys. This company is based in Vermont and showcases some of the traditional country structures of New England. Each design includes working parts, pre-cut pieces, and a complete set of instructions. This ensures that a model can be put together correctly and with ease. Some of these kits also include miniatures to start the interior design. These unique dollhouses are the perfect addition to any collection.

There is a wonderful sense of accomplishment to building a dollhouse from scratch. Each of these designs creates something very different. The lighthouse kit boasts electricity, bringing the finished version to life. The church includes a ringing church bell. Each design is true to its real life counterpart. These dollhouse models are perfect as a relaxing hobby or even as a bonding experience for siblings or parent and child.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to dollhouses. These 5 unique dollhouses are just the beginning. A true collector of dollhouses and miniatures should expand their collection to include some unique dollhouse designs. The barn, church, New England lighthouse, fire station and country store are just some of the potential additions to a great collection.

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If you love scrapbooking, you’ve probably thought about staring a home scrapbook business. Are you the kind of person that finds just the right colors, papers and accessories to make memories last, and do you love to share with others? Are you passionate about scrapbooking, and want to see if you can make income from something you love?

The power of the internet can make your dream come true. You can start an online home based scrapbook business by providing a number of goods or services online. To make money with a home based scrapbook business, you can offer services, such as advisory services, idea newsletters, sale alerts and send these out periodically to your subscribers. Include tips and tricks, offer free how-to publications on scrapbooking, or critique and advice columns. You can even set up your mailings as part of a paid-membership site. If you’re creative and can show others how to do what you do, there is no limit to what you can offer your readers and subscribers. You could also offer to make scrapbooks for others, or help other scrapbook hobbyists enhance their memory books. Display samples of your work online to show your style and product.

If you want to sell scrapbook products, you can either locate a distributor to sell the to you directly, or you can go the easy route and set up an affiliate account to allow you to sell scrapbook products provided by another merchant. For example, you can join an affiliate program for a variety of craft stores carrying scrapbook products. Using their affiliate tools, you can list scrapbook products for sale on your website or in your emails and newsletters. When one of your visitors or members purchase from your craft store merchant, you get a percentage of the sale for he referral. No need for inventory, a storefront or the costs of opening a store – and your market can be world wide!

If you build up to a full website, you might consider offering your own hard goods sold direct, as you find wonderful items to bring to your site visitors. With a website, you can even add demonstration video, audio files such as interviews, discussion groups your members can join and much more. Making a site valuable and content-rich means you’ll build a large and loyal following of people who share your love of scrapbooking.

The best part is that you can start for little or no money. You can join affiliate programs with just an email address, and build a website later when it becomes useful. By posting in scrapbook forums and including a good signature file on your emails, people come to know and visit your site, and buy from you. From there, you can build a mailing list that becomes more valuable as your members grow and know and trust your advice and ideas.

One of the best ways to make cash with a home scrapbooking business is to write an eBook with ideas and how-to tips for readers to purchase from you. Information is a big seller on the Web, and by writing your own eBook, you can sell it from your own website or newsletter, as well as offer it to other internet marketers looking for eBooks to promote. For example, a site such as ClickBank offers a variety of eBooks and other digital information that resellers can promote. You pay them a percentage of the sale and they do all the marketing. It’s perfect for craft business owners who are seeking ways to extend their income while doing something they love.

Today even video and audio files can sell – how-to videos both sold online or in DVD form are big sellers across the Web. As a scrapbook enthusiast, you can sell patterns and other information online too. Is there information you can deliver to others that would make their scrapbook experience better or more fun? Why not publish your own information.

Today there are plenty of Internet based tools to help you put your information, newsletter or even website up online in short order. Building a home based scrapbook business is a perfect topic for a profitable website.

When you build a website based on something you love, it shows. Combining enthusiasm for your work- your passion about it – and offering great ideas and good products to visitors who share your passion and interest can be a lucrative combination that can help you make a home scrapbook business profitable and fun.

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